About quizHUD

quizHUD screenshot The quizHUD began life in early 2008, as a demonstration of how Second Life's HTML-on-a-prim ('HOAP') capabilities could be controlled to provide a unique experience for each user. This was developed further to add a quiz element, and finally a full integration with separate website software was created, allowing the content and quizzes to be adminsitered remotely. The core features of quizHUD were completed in August 2008.

Development has taken place at the University of the West of Scotland.

The source code for quizHUD is made freely available under the GNU General Public License.



The following individuals have contributed to the development of quizHUD:

  • Peter R. Bloomfield
    (SL: Pedro McMillan / Reuben Pelyard)
  • Clement Ramel (SL: Pidtwicky Acker)
  • Daniel Livingstone (SL: Buddy Sprocket)

Supported by...

We wish to thank the following organisations/projects for their support: