Get quizHUD Objects

The Second Life objects for the quizHUD can be obtained free on the SL Marketplace:


You will receive the boxed items in-world. The main parts are the HUD (which users wear), and the Manager Object, which the land-owner must setup and leave in-world.


Download quizHUD Software

Before you can create your own quizHUD learning activities for your students, you will need to download and install the software on a webserver. You will need a webserver with PHP4 or higher and MySQL 4 or higher. (It is possible to install on your own desktop computer, but firewalls and network security will often prevent the quizHUD objects in Second Life from being able to access it, so a proper webserver is recommended).



For Developers:

Source Code Repository

The download link above contains all the source code, but you can also find it on GitHub:

GitHub repository