Please Note

This project is no longer being maintained.




quizHUD screenshot The quizHUD is a free, open source educational tool for Second Life. It primarily consists of a HUD (heads up display) object which you 'wear' on your user interface in Second Life, and separate website software which you use to administer the system. Using the website software, you can create informative webpages which can be viewed on the quizHUD, and setup quizzes and surveys. You can also monitor users' attempts at quizzes through the web-interface.



That's all folks!

I'm sorry to say that I will not be supporting or developing quizHUD any further, and that the in-world demo is now unavailable (it's actually been offline for quite some time). Sorry for any inconvenience. You are still very welcome to get the source code though, although please note that the technology is rather out of date now!

Very many thanks to everybody who has been interested in quizHUD. I hope a few people have found it interesting or useful!



Publication and Discussion

The quizHUD research so far has now been published in the Computing and Information Systems Journal 13(1), at the University of the West of Scotland. You can view a PDF of the quizHUD article itself: "Immersive Learning and Assessment with quizHUD", by Peter R. Bloomfield and Daniel Livingstone.

We also now have a discussion forum available on the main SLOODLE website, which you are welcome to use to ask for help or suggest ideas.



Software Release

At last, you are able to download the quizHUD software and install it yourself! Take a look at our Get quizHUD page, and go down to the 'Download quizHUD Software' section, to get all the details.

Happy quizzing!



In-World Tools

If you mosey over to our Get quizHUD section, you will see that the in-world objects are now available. Click on there link there to teleport to the location in Second Life, where you can try out the demo, or get objects to setup the quizHUD yourself.

Let us know what you think!



Repository and Video

Day 1, and already we've got 2 newsworthy updates!

Our GoogleCode repository is now setup, and the code available in the "trunk" folder. You are welcome to check it out and give it a try, although please note that it is not entirely polished yet! The corresponding objects will be made available in SL very very soon... hopefully within 24 hours.

The first demo video is also up on You can view it, and all our future videos, on our Demo Videos page.

More soon!



Website Online

We are pleased to get this website online, to show you the upcoming quizHUD features. Please bear with us while the remaining issues are ironed-out to ensure you have a pleasant installation and setup experience with the quizHUD. :)

We will shortly also be transferring the source code to a GoogleCode repository, from which you will be able to check-out the full source using a Subversion (SVN) client.